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What program are available to enroll after I complete my ma program?

There are various programs offered by Americation Career and Training School both on campus and online for you career advancement needs. For example surgical technician, administrative medical assistant etc. Contact admissions representative for detailed information.

Are payment plans or financial assistance available?


What is the job outlook?

The demand for medical assistant is growing like never before. The main reasons for this job growth are:

  1. Increase in aging baby boomers.
  2. Increase in patient care.
  3. Increase demand for assistant from assistant and technician to keep up with the workload in the healthcare industry.

How do I sign up?

You can contact the admissions office for information on program registration process. Admissions Office Phone: 973-642-4160

How long does it take to become a Medical Assistant?

As little as 3-4 Months. We offer varies options for schedules so the time would vary depending on the schedule you select.

Do you have more than one start date?

Yes, please note that seats are limited, therefore even though we have various start dates, majority of the seats may have already been registered. To check on the next start date please contact the admissions office. Admissions Office Phone: 973-642-4160

What are the core skills of the Medical Assistant?

In this program you will learn clinical medical assistant skills, ekg skills and phlebotomy skills. Therefore Medical Assistant is a multiskills and multicareer program since you can work either as a clinical assistant, clinical medical assistant, medical assistant, restorative care assistant, ekg technician, phlebotomy technician, etc... This is the main reason why medical assistant is an in demand career in the allied healthcare industry and many individuals are directing their career focus onto becoming either a medical assistant or patient care technician. Plus once you complete your program Americation Career and Training School also offers additonal programs that you can enroll in to either add more skills and become more competitive in the market or upgrade into another career. If you have questions you can contact our admissions office and get information on the program. Admissions Office Phone: 973-642-4160

What are the most search healthcare careers on Americation Career and Training School ACTS.

Medical Assistant Patient Care Technician Surgical Technician Surgical Instrumentation Administrative medical assistant Medical Billing and Coding Sterile Processing Technician Pharmacy Technician Dental Assistant

What are my options of paying for the programs?

We provide various payment options, we offer biweekly payment plans, monthly payment plans or full payment plans. Contact our admissions office to get detailed information.

Is the acceptance procedure competitive for the MA Program?

Please Note: Seats are imited due to high enrollment in the MA Program. Americation Career and Training School accepts students on first come first serve basis.

What certification are available for Medical Assistant?

At completion you will be eligible for 8 national certifications. Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive a certificate of completion and will be eligible for National Certification exam. You may become eligible for the following National Certification Exam: Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Certified EKG Technician Clinical (CET/C) Certified Phlebotomy Technician Clinical (CPT/C) Certified Restorative Care Assistant Specialist (CRAS) Certified Cardiac Monitor Telemetry Technician Certification Certified Cardiac Arrhythmia Analysis Technician Certification Certified Rehabilitation Therapy Technician Blood-borne Pathogen Prevention Certification

What is the difference between selecting medical assistant schools?

When selecting the medical assistant program look for the course content. Americation Career and Training School offers the MA program with the most updated content. We specialize in the following programs for our on campus offerings: clinical medical assistant, patient care technician, ekg and phlebotomy program and this cma program makes you eligible for 8 national certification exams at the completion of the program.

What does a medical assistant make?

It totally depends on what set of responsibility are given to you by the employment facility. You can check on websites such as or, you will come across various ranges of competetive salaries being offered. However, the final decision is in your hands to choose one job over another.


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