Service Animals Policy

The Mountain Regional Library System affirms its support of equal access for persons with disabilities and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The Library seeks to make its services, facilities, and programs as accessible as reasonably possible to the public, including those who have disabilities.


Users who encounter barriers to access or services at the Library should ask Library staff for assistance.


While animals are not generally allowed in the Library, persons requiring the support of a trained service dog are accommodated. Library staff may ask the user the following questions 


  • is the service dog required because of a disability, and 

  • what work or task has the dog been trained to perform. 28 CFR 35.136 (f)


As specified by the ADA, service dogs must be under the owner’s control at all times. 28 CFR35.136 (d).  This means no potential harm to other patrons, and no excessive noise. An animal that runs wild in the library is not under owner control and you will have to remove the animal from the premises.  


Addressing Accessibility Concerns


Requests for ADA accommodation or removal of a barrier to service may be presented in person or over the phone. These requests should be addressed to the Library Director who will attempt to provide accommodation within 14 days.


If resolution is not achieved by the initial request, the user may submit a written Request for ADA Accommodation or Removal of Barrier.  


Requests are reviewed by the Library Director, and a formal response is made to the library user within 14 days of the date of original submission of the request. The formal response may be a telephone call followed by a written confirmation of the telephone discussion, or directly in writing.


Approved by the Mountain Regional Library System Board of Trustees

February 2016.


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