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Does Stephen King Have Keyboard Diarrhea? - Episode 2
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Listen to Conan and Marlene discuss Stephen King's new book, The Outsider, along with some obscure news, movies and the World Cup. They also discuss this year's paralibrarian of the year Orquidea Olvera from Monterey California.

Who we are & what we're about - Episode 1
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In this initial episode, Conan explains what the podcast is going to be and for whom it is intended. He is joined by another librarian named Marlene to discuss the latest obscure news, films and books. Discussed in this episode are The Woman in the Window, Beneath The Scarlett Sky and The President is Missing.

Who is Conan?

Conan is MRLS Director Vince Stone. He is headquartered in Young Harris, Georgia.

He is a licensed librarian in the state of Georgia, so you can put that in your pipe, and smoke it. 

What's the Podcast about?

You'll hear about some obscure news, a bit of sports for the non-enthusiast, entertainment and books. Since libraries are places for information, Conan puts together pieces that can be not only interesting but often humorous. While he discusses many topics with his co-worker Marlene, he will also have special guests to discuss libraries, books and other issues. 


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