Lost Materials Policy


The Mountain Regional Library System will accept cash payment for lost, damaged, or unreturned materials at the replacement cost of the item determined by the library branch manager at the time of the loss. If the items cannot be replaced, the cost for purchase of a similar item will be assessed. If no similar item exist, the following minimum fees will be assessed:


  • $20 for juvenile fiction books and music CDs

  • $25 for adult fiction or juvenile non-fiction books and VHS tapes

  • $25 for large print and adult non-fiction books, DVDs, and audio book items on cassette or CD

  • A $10 processing fee set by PINES policy will also be assessed for each item in addition to the replacement cost or minimum assessment.


Mountain Regional Library System does not accept replacement copies for lost or damaged materials.


If an item that have been marked lost and then paid for by the patron is returned within 180 days of payment, the patron will be refunded the cost of the book minus overdue fines and the $10 processing fee.


If an item has been paid for by the patron and is returned after 180 days of payment, the charges are not refunded.


Approved by the Mountain Regional Library System Board of Trustees, June 15, 2007

Revised and Approved by the Mountain Regional Library System Board of Trustees

February 4, 2015


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