MRLS is currently not accepting book donations at this time. 

Donating books and materials to the Library

The Mountain Regional Library System welcomes the donation of money to purchase new items for the collection or the donation of items such as book, paperbacks, DVDs and music CDs.


All materials presented to the library as gifts are subject to the same selection criteria as purchased items. The library retains unconditional ownership dispostion of all dontated items.


Due to the high volume of donations received, the libraries are not able to notify donors as to the specific disposition of their materials or to return mertials not selected for addition to the collection.


Due to space limitations, libraries may be unable to accecpt large quantities of materials at one time. Please call ahead if you have more than three boxes of items to donate.


Please do not leave donated items outside libraries during closed hours. Damage due to weather, insects, vandalism or theft could make your donations unusable.


Please note libraries cannot accept books in poor physical condition, damaged, soiled, mildewed or with strong odors.


Mountain Regional Library System

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